Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 9...Girl's Night Out

I decided that before getting "knocked up" I should plan a night out with my girlfriends. Dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant, dancing, a night of letting loose and enjoying the amazing ladies in my life. The ladies who have supported me since I decided to become a surrogate, the ladies that will continue to love and support me as I walk through pregnancy with my sweet surro baby. 

These are ladies you'll probably hear about over the next several months. So, I will add some pictures of their gorgeous faces! 

My gorgeous midwives. Kaitlyn on the left and Gina on the right.
Marsha. One of my favorite friends and neighbor. 

Recognize this face? Yep, it's Jayme! Fellow student midwife.
Alyson. Friend, babysitter, photographer  extraordinaire.
Lynne! Super sweet friend and my favorite makeup artist!
Bethy. One of the sweetest women I know!!
LOL...silliness at the end of the night!! This is my beautiful friend and fellow doula, Pam.
Dancing the night away! My good friend, Jessica, on the end joined us after dinner for all the fun stuff!! 

It was such a fun night and I was so, so, so happy I had this night out. Chances are these girls will show up in my blog again! 

Now!! On to the pregnancy!!

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