Saturday, April 9, 2016


I've been meaning to blog about my match and then life keeps happening...

After a lot of discussions and talking with  potential IPs, Chris and I decided that sticking with our agency for a match was the best route for us, for this journey. Once we came to that conclusion in March I emailed my agency owner and told her we were ready to move forward with them 100% and I gave a few specifics for what I wanted in IPs. She emailed back that day and attached a profile. I read through it, looked at their pictures, and emailed right back with, "YES! I love them!!" She then sent them my profile and later that day emailed and said they too loved my profile! 

It all happened pretty quickly from there. We scheduled a Skype call two days later and had a great hour long conversation with them. Chris was his usual reserved and quiet self, but told me after the call that he thought they would be a great match and we'd have a really good journey together. We brought our littles in at the end of the call, since they were literally hanging from the window just to the right of us, hoping to catch a glimpse of who we were talking to, lol. The call went great! By the end of the call we all knew we wanted to move forward.

Since then my agency has assigned us with a coordinator, confirmed I have surrogate friendly insurance, sent me for a psych evaluation, set me up with life insurance for the pregnancy, and sent my records to the reproductive endocrinologist we'll be working with. 

Because of my on call schedule, we have small windows when I can travel to Chicago, where there clinic is. Hopefully the clinic will get me approved to fly out at the end of this month for my medical screening and then we're hoping for an early July transfer! 

Hopefully I'll be able to give more specifics about my IPs down the road, but for now I will tell you that they live in Spain (both speak English fluently), they will be using an egg donor, and they are the funniest and sweetest guys you'd ever meet! Doing a journey with two Intended Fathers I think will be such a different experience from my last journey.

Hopefully my next update will be that I've been medically cleared to move forward!

Here's to an another amazing journey and to growing babies for ALL families! ❤️