Friday, November 29, 2013

Giving Thanks...

I have received so many calls, texts, messages asking if we had any news yet. Everyone is so excited to find out if Embie found a cozy, warm spot to call home for the next 9-ish months. I'm so thankful for all of you who care enough to ask. It's clear there are so many more people invested in this pregnancy, than just Erin and me. More than just our families. Like I said before, there will never be a baby loved more than this one. 

And because you all care so much and already love this baby.....

We still have our blood test on Monday and will then go back for a sonogram to confirm pregnancy, but I had to share this with you all. There are two more tests with the double pregnant lines, but they appeared even lighter in pictures. I couldn't seem to get a good one where the lines showed well with the "pregnant" test...or vice versa. 

But, I think it's safe to say, there's a bun in the oven! 

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I certainly was filled with love yesterday knowing that life is growing within me and that this baby will have the most amazing parents. ❤

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18... The Transfer

Finally the day we've been waiting for!! I woke up this morning excited, really excited. As the morning went on I started feeling emotional. Good emotions, but definitely emotional.

We dropped the littlest nuggets off with my awesome friend, Marsha. She watched them for a bit and then brought them home to our babysitter, Marissa. Marsha's always there like that. To fill in those gaps when I don't have someone for my nugs... Like, also picking the little lady up from school... Everyone needs, I mean NEEDS, a friend like her. But, she's all mine so find another... ;)

We were finally on our way to Irving. My emotions began to surface through tears.  They were happy tears. Excited tears. Hopeful tears. I get to help bring new life Earthside as "a living". And this is no different. Except it's so much bigger. It's an honor to walk the journey through pregnancy and birth with clients, but to actually grow the baby. To birth the heart couldn't handle that possibility this morning. It was too much....

Our first stop was at my amazing chiropractor and friend's office for an adjustment. (Terry Garcia, for anyone looking for an amaze chiro) She's been adjusting me twice a week for the last few weeks in prep for today. She's also provided so much spiritual guidance through this process and I appreciate her more than she probably realizes. 

Our next stop was the acupuncturist. Erin and I had both read that a session immediately before and after the transfer can increase the embryo's "stickiness". It was my first time having acupuncture done and it was pretty relaxing. (I went back after the transfer for another session)

Then off to Dr E's office! We were greeted by Erin, who had the sweetest "bed rest gift" for me. (I may or may not have already had some of the chocolates...) Natasha, our photog, was there too! We went up stairs, signed in, and then anxiously waited...

Finally, it was time! We were taken back to a more formal room for the transfer. Different from the usual exam rooms. The embryologist came in with a picture of the embryo and explained the thawing process and the quality of the embryo. (It was good!!) 
❤the embryo ❤

Dr E and Nurse N then came in to go over the procedure. Dr E explained that when the embryo actually came in for the transfer that Natasha would have to step out. He said it was because the room was too small and I was only supposed to have two other people in with me. (Chris and Erin were also back with me) So what do I do?? I offer up my hubby in exchange for our photographer. Hey, this is an important moment to be documented. Dr E laughed and said I couldn't really want my husband to go. I smiled sweetly and said, I really wanted the photographer to stay. He agreed to everyone. Not sure if it was my dimples or the fact that he absolutely adores Erin. I'm going to pretend it was me, fully knowing he couldn't resist her.

The moment the embryologist brought the embryo in the room my heart dropped. I felt overwhelmed. I couldn't believe this moment was finally here. And then, there "it" was. There was the embryo on the screen. In my uterus. I just smiled and watched. I didn't know what to say and couldn't fully express any emotion. My heart was full of love and gratitude. Thankful that Erin chose me to walk this journey with her. Thankful that science and medicine can do something this miraculous. 

We go back in two weeks for a blood test and then a sonogram to confirm pregnancy. 

I feel good about it. Erin and Jose are too deserving for "embie" not to stick.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two more days...

It's Saturday night and I get a text from Erin saying "two more days....".

And, yeah, two more days!!!

I spent Thursday cleaning and doing laundry. Yesterday we ran errands that I needed done before the transfer, and visited with a friend and her new baby. Today I decided to go to a very special VBAC birth...I say "decided", because I'm supposed to be on vacation. But, it's just what I needed this weekend. It was good for my VBAC momma soul. Then Chris and I went on a date tonight. A relaxing evening talking and just enjoying each other. Tomorrow we plan to get the house in order, grocery shop, meal prep.... 

We're just trying to get everything in order for next week. We want to create the most calm and peaceful environment possible for the "embie". We have friends and family lined up for the two days I'm on bed rest. (And I'm really looking forward to laying in bed all of Tuesday, I admit) Chris took off work on Monday night so that he can help with the nuggets. I'm just so lucky to have such supportive family and friends....

My heart races knowing that Monday can be the beginning of a dream realized for a family who has walked a long, hard road. I'm so excited for them. And I'm excited for their future baby. There will never be another baby loved so much. 

Again, please pray for us all. Send positive thoughts. Sticky pregnancy vibes. Light a candle. 

I'll update again. In two more days....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 12...The date is set!

I went back to the RE yesterday! My final sonogram in the preparation phase. I finally met Dr E, Erin's usual doctor. Just as nice as Dr H, and quite the snazzy dresser! He did a sonogram to check my uterine lining and said my uterus was "beautiful"!! THAT is a compliment I hadn't received before. Haha

Nurse N did a blood draw to see where my estrogen and progesterone levels were. To transfer the embryo my estrogen needs to be high and my progesterone low. My estrogen was in the 400s and my progesterone was 0.5! So, perfect!! 

She explained all the new meds I'd be taking. I stay on the estrogen patch, the aspirin, added in an antibiotic, and lots of progesterone. I started this morning with my newest regimen. I'm also taking fish oil and a whole food prenatal. Hoping to add back in my other usual supplements in the next few weeks.

SO, THE DATE HAS BEEN SET!! November 18th at 3pm. If you're so inclined, we'd love all the prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts, and sticky vibes you're able to send. Think about Erin, their sweet embryo, and me on Monday. Light a candle. Whatever you can do, we'll appreciate it! 

I plan to take it pretty easy over the weekend, leading into the big day. Some house cleaning and meal prep for the following week. I'm to be on bed rest through Tuesday and then taking it easy rest of the week. Currently lining up friends and family to help with my nuggets so that I can relax, rest, and focus on "embie" sticking. 

Chris is coming with me on Monday. As is Erin, Jose, Gina, and our birth photographer, who will be documenting the entire journey through film and photography. (Natasha Hance for all you birthy photog people.) Check her out here....

I'm so thrilled the day is nearing. It makes the meds seem like no big deal to know I may have a squishy, little wombmate soon!! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 9...Girl's Night Out

I decided that before getting "knocked up" I should plan a night out with my girlfriends. Dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant, dancing, a night of letting loose and enjoying the amazing ladies in my life. The ladies who have supported me since I decided to become a surrogate, the ladies that will continue to love and support me as I walk through pregnancy with my sweet surro baby. 

These are ladies you'll probably hear about over the next several months. So, I will add some pictures of their gorgeous faces! 

My gorgeous midwives. Kaitlyn on the left and Gina on the right.
Marsha. One of my favorite friends and neighbor. 

Recognize this face? Yep, it's Jayme! Fellow student midwife.
Alyson. Friend, babysitter, photographer  extraordinaire.
Lynne! Super sweet friend and my favorite makeup artist!
Bethy. One of the sweetest women I know!!
LOL...silliness at the end of the night!! This is my beautiful friend and fellow doula, Pam.
Dancing the night away! My good friend, Jessica, on the end joined us after dinner for all the fun stuff!! 

It was such a fun night and I was so, so, so happy I had this night out. Chances are these girls will show up in my blog again! 

Now!! On to the pregnancy!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th, Saline Sono and Trial Transfer

It's been a week since I started meds. It's been going well.... Some headaches, nausea, grogginess, and....some other stuff, but it's not *so* bad. I have another week taking what I'm on now and then I start adding in other meds. Not too shabby..

Today, though, I went back to see Dr H for my saline sonogram and trial transfer. This time I dragged Jayme along.


We went back to my "usual" room to wait for Dr H and Nancy. The wait is much easier, I admit, when you have someone to talk to while bare bottomed. Jayme swore she would hold my hand if I returned the favor when she births her first baby. (And, I mean, of course I will!!)

Dr H came in, explained the saline sonogram and trial transfer. And basically, in my very unscientific and unprofessional terms, he inserted a catheter into my uterus, through my cervix. This was to make sure they had a clear path into my uterus when they actually have the embryo to transfer. They injected the saline to check for polyps or fibroids in the endometrium. 

My uterus looked great and overall it was a fairly easy procedure!

^^my uterus filled with the saline. It was pretty neat to actually watch it fill on the screen. Jayme was equally impressed. ;)

So, that was that!! I'm still on the estrogen (pills and patches) and added in baby aspirin. I scheduled my next ultrasound and blood work for next Tuesday!! 

Here's to hoping my uterine lining is thick and my progesterone levels are low!!