Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A second journey

Yeah! Wait, what? Another journey? Yes, I'm going to do it again! After a lot of soul searching and endless hours of talking to my husband and friends I decided I do want to do one more journey before retiring my trusty uterus who has grown five perfect babies. 

Matching. I forgot how hard this part of the journey is. Really, there are lots of hard times with surrogacy. The good outweighs the bad by a million, but it's certainly an emotional roller coaster. 

It's hard matching with potential IPs. You hear their story and many times become emotionally attached. You want to be the one to help them have their long wished for baby. And then when it doesn't become a match because of timing or birth preferences or whatever, it's hard. 

The truth is, I wish I could have a baby for every person who wants a baby. You know, Oprah style. You get a baby! You get a baby! You get a baby! But, alas, I cannot. 

So, I try to stay true to myself, my beliefs. I hold on to the few requirements that my heart would never let me give in on. Along the way I get to meet amazing IPs who all want the same thing; a healthy baby. I feel truly blessed to get to walk this journey with another families and make friends along the way. Cheer on other surros, cross my fingers for the IPs. Hope with everything that they all get exactly what they want out of their journeys. 

I'm excited about a second journey. I'm hoping for a Spring transfer of one healthy embryo and planning another homebirth. Stay posted...hopefully the next blog will be telling y'all about a MATCH! ❤️