Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18... The Transfer

Finally the day we've been waiting for!! I woke up this morning excited, really excited. As the morning went on I started feeling emotional. Good emotions, but definitely emotional.

We dropped the littlest nuggets off with my awesome friend, Marsha. She watched them for a bit and then brought them home to our babysitter, Marissa. Marsha's always there like that. To fill in those gaps when I don't have someone for my nugs... Like, also picking the little lady up from school... Everyone needs, I mean NEEDS, a friend like her. But, she's all mine so find another... ;)

We were finally on our way to Irving. My emotions began to surface through tears.  They were happy tears. Excited tears. Hopeful tears. I get to help bring new life Earthside as "a living". And this is no different. Except it's so much bigger. It's an honor to walk the journey through pregnancy and birth with clients, but to actually grow the baby. To birth the heart couldn't handle that possibility this morning. It was too much....

Our first stop was at my amazing chiropractor and friend's office for an adjustment. (Terry Garcia, for anyone looking for an amaze chiro) She's been adjusting me twice a week for the last few weeks in prep for today. She's also provided so much spiritual guidance through this process and I appreciate her more than she probably realizes. 

Our next stop was the acupuncturist. Erin and I had both read that a session immediately before and after the transfer can increase the embryo's "stickiness". It was my first time having acupuncture done and it was pretty relaxing. (I went back after the transfer for another session)

Then off to Dr E's office! We were greeted by Erin, who had the sweetest "bed rest gift" for me. (I may or may not have already had some of the chocolates...) Natasha, our photog, was there too! We went up stairs, signed in, and then anxiously waited...

Finally, it was time! We were taken back to a more formal room for the transfer. Different from the usual exam rooms. The embryologist came in with a picture of the embryo and explained the thawing process and the quality of the embryo. (It was good!!) 
❤the embryo ❤

Dr E and Nurse N then came in to go over the procedure. Dr E explained that when the embryo actually came in for the transfer that Natasha would have to step out. He said it was because the room was too small and I was only supposed to have two other people in with me. (Chris and Erin were also back with me) So what do I do?? I offer up my hubby in exchange for our photographer. Hey, this is an important moment to be documented. Dr E laughed and said I couldn't really want my husband to go. I smiled sweetly and said, I really wanted the photographer to stay. He agreed to everyone. Not sure if it was my dimples or the fact that he absolutely adores Erin. I'm going to pretend it was me, fully knowing he couldn't resist her.

The moment the embryologist brought the embryo in the room my heart dropped. I felt overwhelmed. I couldn't believe this moment was finally here. And then, there "it" was. There was the embryo on the screen. In my uterus. I just smiled and watched. I didn't know what to say and couldn't fully express any emotion. My heart was full of love and gratitude. Thankful that Erin chose me to walk this journey with her. Thankful that science and medicine can do something this miraculous. 

We go back in two weeks for a blood test and then a sonogram to confirm pregnancy. 

I feel good about it. Erin and Jose are too deserving for "embie" not to stick.


  1. Words cannot express how proud I am of you. Loving every minute of your story, sweet friend. I cried reading this entry, my hopes are so high for this family!

  2. Two weeks??!! I don't think I can wait that long to know!! You better start peeing on a stick in a week or so! ;-)

    1. LOL! I have to wait to get the results with Erin! :)