Thursday, October 10, 2013

September 30th, meeting the Reproductive Endocrinologist...

To say I was dreading meeting the RE is an understatement. A very big understatement. I mean, I was beyond thrilled to be starting the journey. I was just less than thrilled to have a doctor in my, ya know, lady parts. It's been years since I've had a male doctor. In fact, since Christian was born, 12 years ago. But I did the necessary tasks when going in for a pap/transvaginal ultrasound/uterine check! Eek! I even put on makeup!

I emailed Erin that I was feeling BLEH about what the RE had in store at that first appointment. Small step and mild sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, this I know. But I was going to hold tight to my girlish ways and bitch in moan the whole morning.

I went alone because Erin couldn't get out of work and Chris was watching the littlest nuggets. On the way I did think I should have dragged, Jayme, a fellow student and good friend, along. She is training to be a midwife, so vaginas are right up her alley. But, I didn't think of it until I was well on my way. *sigh*

Anyway, I finally got called back to see the doctor. They stuck me in a room that had a single gyno table in the center, ultrasound machine beside it (probe latched on the side!!), and several tv screens. The nurse didn't ask me to undress from waist down and so I sat in the lone chair in the room. I debated on and off if I was to remain clothed or not and figured it would be best to do so. Having to shed my skirt and leggings quickly due to failed communication would be far less embarrassing than putting them on.

I flipped through TIME while waiting, debating on the skirt and leggings... something about honey bees? Finally Dr. Haas came in the room and immediately brought me to his office. (thank you all things rainbow colored I did not take off my clothes!!)

We talked about the transfer process, the meds I'd have to take, the time frame, when to call, all the labs Chris and I needed done, the different appointments. Thankfully he made an actual time line/cheat sheet and then sent me on to the nurse, Nancy, who also vomited information that she too wrote down so my mommy brain would not forget.

I was then sent on my way with instructions of what I needed to get back to them and when to call to start the meds! Um, the transfer was going to happen sooner than we had expected. Like, MONTHS sooner! I was giddy and excited and could not wait to go to Wal-Mart and buy another car charger for my almost dead phone so that I could text Erin!

I admit I did feel a pang of WTF when I was walking out and the doctor had not done any cervical/vaginal/uterine checks of any kind. Dude, I shaved my legs....and some other stuff.

Eh, I left unscathed and beyond excited about the road that lies ahead...

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