Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28th, Baseline Sonogram

The baseline sonogram. Day 3 of my cycle I had to see the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) for a baseline sonogram that basically just checked out my ovaries and uterus. I dragged my mom along so I didn't have to go alone. I admit, I was pretty nervous about it. Not because I thought it would be painful. Just more awkward...

I arrived to an always pleasant staff and was escorted to the same room I waited in the last time I was at their office. This time I was asked to undress from waist down and wait on the exam table. My mom calmly flipped through a magazine (not sure what she was reading) while I nervously sat on the table, checking out the sono machine.

Dr H walked in only a few minutes later and I immediately relaxed. I saw him for my initial appointment; he has a calmness and warmth about him. And gorgeous blue eyes. He explained that the ultrasound would be quick and easy. 

He told no lies. It was less than five minutes. He explained everything he was looking for. Said I had ovaries filled with eggs. I quipped, that's the reason I have a baby every year. And, He said my uterus looked great...


And we were done! He explained that a week later I'd come back in for a saline sonogram and trial transfer. After giving me a prescription for all the meds I'd need and a cheat sheet of what and when to take them, I was sent to see the nurse, Nancy. 

She was just as sweet as the last time, walking me through everything. We made an appointment for the following week and then I was off.

Oh! Did I mention she also gave us a transfer date of November 18th??!! 

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