Thursday, October 6, 2016

And with that...

The last time I blogged was for the transfer of little embie back in August. Because there's so much uncertainty I didn't want to say anything until we knew for sure. So, here's a run down since then...

I started doing home pregnancy tests 3 days post transfer. I got faint positives, but wanted to get a positive digital before telling my IFs. On day 5 I got to see that magical word, "pregnant". I squealed and then took a picture and sent it to them. 

After that I didn't do anymore tests and waited for beta. Our first beta came back positive. Two days later I had beta drawn again and it doubled! (You're looking for the number to double every 48-72 hours) Our clinic had us do a third beta a week later and the doubling time was less than 48 hours. That was a really good sign that everything was going as it should. But this isn't my first time and I know the other shoe can always drop. We waited for our first sono with guarded optimism.


At the first sono we couldn't see much, but what we did see was a little blur on the screen with a flickering heartbeat. I was so happy that the dads were able to skype and see their baby for the first time!

6.4 weeks

We were definitely pregnant!!! Of course, that didn't stop me from worrying. Although, the constant exhaustion and nausea did give me some hope that the little bean was growing and healthy. Then we went for our second sonogram and once again saw a bigger, more formed blur with a perfect heartbeat! This time we could hear it. 159 beats per minute. Dads got to Skype again to see their baby bean growing. 

7.4 weeks

Third sono dads weren't able to skype, so I recorded the sono. Probably a good thing because baby was either napping or being super anti-social. Either way, we got a kick out of it. He kept his back to the probe, so all we could really see was a perfect little spine. No matter how hard the nurse tried, he was resolved in that we were not seeing his little face that morning. We did, however, hear his heartbeat and it was 179. 

8.6 weeks

I continued feeling tired all the time and completely turned off by food and the smell of pretty much everything. I was fairly certain things were going perfectly. We had our fourth sono a week later and dads were able to skype again..

9.5 weeks 

This time baby was...a baby! He finally looked like a baby! Little legs, little arms up by his sweet face. And he was excited!! He was moving around so much it was hard for the nurse to get a good picture of him! 

My final two injections

And with that, we were officially released from the RE to our midwife. 98 injections. 3 additional meds. 3 blood draws. 4 sonograms. Lots of food adversions and even more naps. My family and friends have been so supportive and loving. My IFs have been amazing. I'm looking forward to second trimester, no meds, and a continued healthy pregnancy. ❤️

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  1. Yay!!! This is so awesome! I love watching and seeing this