Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new year, new beginning, new hope...

Erin and Jose met with Dr. E last week to see where we all go from here. I admit that I was sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear how it went. Would they still want to continue this journey with me? Would they want to continue at all? Did Dr E decide I wasn't a good surrogate candidate after all?

I was so thrilled when I got Erin's text while sitting at the salon, having my friend Mandy doing my hair. We read the text together and I was so happy to have someone to be excited with. They wanted to continue on...with me!! 

Dr E decided to change up some of my meds and was optimistic! He said at our last appointment that the fact that I got pregnant the first round was a great sign. We know my body can get pregnant through this method and we know the embryos are strong enough to implant. He just needed to figure out a better way to support the embryos growth. So, my meds this time around will be a bit different and we're hopeful that will make the difference. 

I have an overwhelming feeling that 2014 will bring the long awaited baby to Erin and Jose and their entire families.

So, here's to a sticky pregnancy and a healthy baby!!